Hersteller ABB
Typ IRB 6650S-200/3,0
Baujahr 2008
Standort Frankreich FR
Kategorie Roboter - ABB
Produkt ID P90925062

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1. Registrierung 2018
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Detaillierte Informationen

Anzahl der Achsen4.0
Ausmass in mm4000.0 mm
Nutzlast in kg200.0 kg
Behandelte gegen Hitze
Behandelte für Reinräume
Länge x Breite x Höhe - × - × -
Zustand gut
CE-Norm ---------


The aim of the robotized system proposed is to handle magnetic steel, stainless steel and aluminium metal sheets indicated on the drawings that you have sent us, for tending a press brake machine length mm 4000.
We have analyzed in particular the following drawings:
File 3d str 001 267x
File arcelor

File merk W

File merk X
File merk Y

File merk Z

File MP

File Plancher M017

File roof lights tol00J size mm 1245×552
File roof lights tol00J size mm 384×552
File tabette EZ1
The ABB industrial robot, model IRB 6650S-200/3,0, has a loading capacity of kg 200; it is equipped with software specially designed for press brake tending applications, which includes the standardization of several robot programming procedures, such as:
 Sheet pick-up procedure
These procedures guide the operator in the programming of the operations required to pick a single metal sheet from the feeding pallet.
Programming picking up operations simply require specifying metal sheet dimension (length and width). This routine includes instructions to carry out picking up operation sequence and corresponding correct execution, calculating automatically picking up point coordinates and any other point coordinates involved.
 Bending sequence programming procedure
These procedures guide the operator when programming the bending sequence, among other things it is possible to programme technological parameters that affect the quality of the bending process.
 Peripheral equipment control/test procedures
From the blanks stack the robot, fixed on a track motion, picks the metal sheets up, moves on to a sensor designed to detect double thickness sheet, puts down the sheet on a centering table, picks it up again, tends the press brake machine and deposits the finished piece on one or more removal pallets.
During the bending cycle, it may happen that the robot needs depositing the blank on an overturning device, taking it again from the opposite side, in order to turn it over before making further bends.
See the enclosed preliminary layout.
The robot is able to handle a metal sheet having size mm 4000x1250x2.
The press brake machine shall be prepared to be interfaced with the robot. In particular, the press back-stops have to be equipped with sensors
(not included in the supply) to verify that the metal sheet is perfectly aligned with the bending knife, this in order to achieve high quality bending, avoiding waste due to bends out of tolerance.
The grippers can be easily and quickly replaced automatically when there is a production batch change-over without any need of human operations
provided the appropriate gripper will be available in the right position on the grippers rack. In this way, as the press can be equipped with different tools (see analysis on layout n. RPF0605A0401A) in order to start the production of a new batch it is enough to load in the cell the appropriate blank sheets.
In order to tend the press brake machine properly, we need that the top of the die, on which the sheet is lied, is at about mm 1100 from the floor
( press on the floor)and the press brake machine will be equipped with the proper tools. In case of squashing bends the press brake machine has to be equipped with “Moving die pneumatically operated”.

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