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Bag dumping station with glove box and special double butterfly valve.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

The charging station with TwinValve consists of:
• TwinValve Coupling - Container
• Prewash / wash
• Product discharge
The machine is designed to be compatible with 400 M PH Midi Bin Container with DN 200 passive valve. The "Twin Valve" system with high containment and integral cleaning has been studied as an alternative to so-called "split" valves, that is, having a body divided into two parts, which can be coupled together, with a "passive" part on the exhaust of the mobile container An "active" part on the receiving station. The "TwinValve" system is instead made up of two sanitary-type butterfly valves, one container outlet and one on the discharge station. The container has a standard type butterfly valve while the other, while remaining in its essential parts a standard valve, is integrated into a cylindrical mini hopper made according to a specific design. Once the container is placed on the station, the two valves, rather than pairs like the "spilt" (bring the two contact bags), remain spaced by creating a small volume chamber tightly sealed at the ends of the valves themselves. The two valves can be opened and closed simultaneously and independently of each other. The chamber thus formed can be "washed" with a series of compressed air jets (or fluid filters) both before the product is unloaded from the container, so as not to contaminate the product, before removing the discharge contents Finished, to avoid possible contamination of the environment. Finishing materials: The external surface of the frame, all made of stainless steel with welds, while the inner one is polished. Sealings are silicone according to FDA standards.
The bag dumping station for powders or granules has been designed and built considering its specific application in the pharmaceutical industry and its compatibility with the strictest CGMP standards. The structure is entirely made of stainless steel. The internal parts, in contact with product, are in AISI 316 polished. The outer parts are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, with satin finishes and brushed and welds. The "PH-BAG DUMPING STATION" can be used for powder and granule handling. The station is loaded with bags and small containers through a front door, and discharged through the lower opening. PH-BAG DUMPING STATION stations are designed to be interfaced with Vima Impianti's "Pharma Handling Systems" loading and unloading systems.

The PH-BAG DUMPING STATION vacuum cleaner station consists of the following parts:
• Body
• Frame
• Accessories

Year: 2007

Weight Kg 1050
Voltage Vac 400
Frequency Hz 50
Phases 3
Process fluids: Purified compressed air 800 Nl/min / 6 barg
Process fluids: Vacuum 100 Nm3/h -300mbar
Auxiliary fluids: Compressed air for instruments 500 Nl/min /6 barg
Auxiliary fluids: Water for CIP from HydroWash 13 l/min /6 barg

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